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A Family Website:



A Website that fit your needs:


Why a family web site?

Easily keep everyone up to date with family news and photos

No more remembering to send photos via email
Share your home movies with those not close by
Your own domain name and email addresses, ie. David@Yourfamily.com

A family web site is a great place to keep your loved ones informed about how everyone is doing, family news and events or to share your most recent photos of the kids. Just about anything you would like to share can go on your web site, even video.

We will custom design a web site to suit your family's style and interests, then we'll make monthly updates for you, adding new photo galleries, family news, etc.. We will even send a short message and a link to all your friends and family members each time your site is updated. All you have to do is send us your material and relax, we'll take care of the rest. We make it simple and easy for you.

Detailed Information

A customized web site -
You will receive a professionally designed, customized web site to suit your unique family, not a generic "build it yourself online" site. We use the same professional web and graphics software to design your web site as we do for business web sites, the end result is a family web site you'll be proud to show off at an affordable price.

Your own domain name -
We will register a domain name for your family when you sign up, for example www.yourfamily.com. You can also have email addresses for anyone in your family complete with POP access. The domain name is yours for as long as you choose to keep it active and is independent from our service.

Your family hub -
With all of your family news and recent photos in one place, your loved ones will have easy access to what's going on in your lives and how everyone is doing. The best part is you no longer need to hassle with scanning photos or remembering to email everyone. And if you would like, we'll even keep everyone informed for you each time we update your site.

Streaming home movies -
Putting home movies on your family web site is a perfect way to share your holiday, birthday and everyday memories with your loved ones. For an additional $29 per video we will perform minor edits needed to clean up your video, prepare your video for the web and then make available on your web site. Your finished video may be up to 20 minutes in length, however shorter videos will be more manageable by some of your visitors. You may choose for your video to be in either the Real Media, Flash or Windows Media Player format, and your visitors will be able to choose between a broadband or dial up version.

Web site hosting -
Your hosting account provides you with virtually unlimited email accounts including POP access, spam filtering and email forwarding.

Security & privacy concerns -
We understand that while it's great having a family web site, you may not want just anybody having a look. This is why we take steps to ensure that your family web site is search engine unfriendly, minimizing the chances of a stranger stumbling across your site by accident. At your request we can also password protect your site which would require any visitor to enter a password before they may enter. In any case, and only as a precaution, we encourage our clients not to include any sensitive information on their family web site.

What We Do


Steaming on the web:  We have the resources and expertise to stream your video even if you donít have a web site. We can build a Streaming page just for your video customize to your specific needs.


Our Studio


We can handle all of your multimedia needs -- editing, digitization, enhancement, authentication, redaction, conversion, recording, CD and DVD duplication for your case.

At the core of our digital studio are the many sophisticated software programs and external AD converters that turn our PC's into powerful multimedia forensic computers. Software makes it possible to convert multimedia files between formats by converting analog sources to digital files (WAV to MP3) visual media (MPEG, JPEG to CD-ROM), and to produce multimedia presentations for most litigation software and DVD playback.

Most importantly, software powers our ability to analyze, restore and enhance damaged and poorly recorded tapes, and to manage digitized databases for efficient organization and quick access.

Corporate Videos:
High Definition corporate videos with high production values and innovative visual solutions, whether you prefer business videos and corporate training videos.  
• Video Tape Duplication
ē Photos to video
• Event Coverage
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