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Few Words About Us

Our services allow everyone, from private users to corporations, to use video in their sites. We provide tools that make it easy to manage and publish your videos online without compromising on advanced features like full statistics, advanced player customisations and automated uploads

RC Media Solutions is an in house, all digital video production facility that specializes in corporate videos, promotional videos, music videos, and training videos. We also do weddings, event videography, editing video, authoring DVD, video to DVD transfer, and video slide shows. We use Apple Final Cut Pro to edit, and DVD Studio Pro to author to DVD and the web. You simply cannot achieve the same results with consumer grade equipment and software.

We provide solutions for various scenarios of web video presence that minimize your effort.
We provide all the tools required and no advanced technical knowledge is needed to use them.
We have the most comprehensive tools in the industry at the best price!
We help you to use your video in your own website.
Uploading, managing and publishing your videos on the web has never been easier!

Making home movies were an idea motivated many years ago by the birth of my son. I have always loved shooting and editing home movies, but this life-altering occasion made me grateful for, even more, how priceless our memories are, and how fast time passes. I want my son, my self and family members to be able to look back on the years and remember all the special times we shared.

As breathtaking as home movies are, we all shoot videos that needs a little behind the scenes help. I want your home movies to be fun and entertaining, that people would actually be enjoyed looking at. I want them to have a Blockbuster type feel with all the cool special effects. That is why I started Final Video Production, with the desire too capture the memories, and bring them alive.

I want to share with you the wonder and excitement I feel, when editing home videos, so you will actually enjoy watching, time and time again. Your satisfaction is our number one concern. We want you to enjoy your finished home movies, and photo slideshow, but if for any reason you are unhappy with the service we offer, we will correct the problem or give your money back.

So if you're looking for beautiful and professionally made videos, we can handle your projects. Let us know what it is that you want to accomplish with video. We can do it, no matter what the subject matter might be. If there is anything you have questions about, view this page.

What We Do


Steaming on the web:  We have the resources and expertise to stream your video even if you donít have a web site. We can build a Streaming page just for your video customize to your specific needs.


Our Studio


We can handle all of your multimedia needs -- editing, digitization, enhancement, authentication, redaction, conversion, recording, CD and DVD duplication for your case.

At the core of our digital studio are the many sophisticated software programs and external AD converters that turn our PC's into powerful multimedia forensic computers. Software makes it possible to convert multimedia files between formats by converting analog sources to digital files (WAV to MP3) visual media (MPEG, JPEG to CD-ROM), and to produce multimedia presentations for most litigation software and DVD playback.

Most importantly, software powers our ability to analyze, restore and enhance damaged and poorly recorded tapes, and to manage digitized databases for efficient organization and quick access.

Corporate Videos:
High Definition corporate videos with high production values and innovative visual solutions, whether you prefer business videos and corporate training videos.  
• Video Tape Duplication
ē Photos to video
• Event Coverage
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